How does the Modern Workspace Connect HR and IT?

The Modern Workspace is a truly user-centric workplace model, balancing the requirements of the various working styles of the business and different individual preferences. 

The Modern Workspace incorporates all aspects of the new-age working environment, including the hiring and recruiting process. Companies looking for stand out talent need to adopt the Modern Workspace to attract top talent employees. But it does not stop there, using other Modern Workspace techniques will then further support your top-talent employee retention.

Providing a workspace where team members can embrace up-to-date technologies, new ergonomic workplace equipment and mobility will foster an employee’s sense of happiness and belonging to a workplace and ensure a future ready productive workforce. 

The alignment of IT and HR will provide, improved employee productivity, meet the ever-growing needs of employee growth and professional development, attracting and retaining top-talent and engender trust and confidence of employees within the company.

Benefits of Modern Training Practices:

There are many benefits of Modern Training Practices. These include, reduced complexity for mobile team members, increased collaboration within the workspace and happy employees with a strengthened sense of belonging to their workplace. 

Other benefits of Modern Training Practices include; reduced operational costs, as the workspace becomes more time efficient and productive modern working. Flexible workspaces offer opportunities for team members to leverage their workplace environment.

Download the Infographic -  The six elements  of a successful Modern Workspace  


of millennials would quit a job with substandard technology!


of workers say tech is a major factor when choosing jobs


of workers feel IT don't have budget to support their work habits.

Statistics sourced from The Future Ready Workforce by Dell 

Improving Workplace Culture: IT and HR joining forces for The Modern Workspace


Innovative organisations are moving away from traditional ways of operating to an Activity Based Working approach.       Click here to read the full featured article from the Human Resources Director, Australia.


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The Modern Workspace

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