With staff in lockdown due to the current pandemic, organisations have had to navigate unprecedented rapid transformation.

Our experience to date shows this occurs in the following phases:

  1. Address the immediate - employees can work
  2. Adapt and Optimise – employees are productive
  3. Prepare for the next wave – new policies and governance
  4. The new normal – disrupting the old ways of working

The new working world is evolving daily, organisations who want to stay relevant need to ensure their employees are engaged and adapting. Yet business leaders are struggling to find the time, training, resources and tools to assist with enabling their workforce to adapt and optimise.

Introducing our webinar:

Navigating Rapid Transformation | Better Ways of Working

The webinar is designed to provide guidance to leaders and managers in dealing with a remote workforce. In our webinar, you will learn:

How to navigate the three critical elements of managing a remote workforce, discussing implications around technology, team culture and individual behaviour.

People – How to communicate to build trust, provide support and enable people through an understanding of the new environment

Process – How to develop processes and policies to ensure people are working in a safe and efficient manner

Technology – How to make the most of the collaboration tools to enable your people to work remotely in an effective way

Our program will enable leaders to deliver a virtual team experience that make employees feel connected and productive in the new normal. Register your details above to watch the webinar.

About the Webinar presenter:


Michael Michael is a strategic people, process and change specialist with over 20 years’ experience in providing strong leadership and structure across diverse global organisations, industries and operational environments.

A certified executive coach and organisational design specialist, Michael has led diverse and remote teams and delivered large transformational changes in the Automotive, Banking, Construction, IT and Retail sectors, both locally in Australia and Globally.