What is the Modern Workspace?

A truly user-centric workplace model balances the requirements of the dominant working styles of the business with different individual preferences. It facilitates ‘activity-based working’ by providing a range of spaces and gives employees the option to move between them throughout the day, according to the task that needs to be performed. 

The design may be a combination of open floor plans, communal areas, and private ‘study’ hubs where employees can work. The Modern Workspace isn’t bound by physical constraints – with the right technology in place the modern workspace enables employees to work from anywhere, securely on any device in a collaborative environment. 

Embracing both the digital workspace and the physical office, the Modern Workspace is the key to increasing productivity and lifting employee satisfaction.

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Today's Modern Worker wants to:

Consistent and secure end user experience

Work on any device

Accessibility 24/7

Work from anywhere

Collaboration tools encourage idea sharing

Work together

Improved productivity and job satisfaction

Make it easy

Creating a Modern Workspace requires collaboration and leadership from several key team members.

If you're going to create a Modern Workspace you must consider a wide range of factors, including processes, data and IT operations, physical workspaces, digital working processes, networks and more.

 Over the last decade, the workplace has transformed dramatically. Employee's expect flexible work styles and environments, with access to corporate data from any location.

The Modern Workspace isn’t bound by physical constraints – with the right technology in place, the Modern Workspace will deliver a consistent user experience, regardless of location or device.

 Today the Modern Workspace provides a flexible working environment with the potential to significantly reduce the costs of end user computing.

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Introducing the Modern Workspace


modern workspace image .png


The benefits of the Modern Workspace

The Modern Workspace provides a flexible working environment that enables employees to utilise their own devices, which has the potential to significantly reduce the costs of providing end user computing.

Reduced Complexity

Increased Collaboration

Happy Employees

Reduced Costs

Device Agnostic

Flexible Workspace      

Secure Network

Increased Productivity      


of employees will be working from mobile devices by 2018

*IDC Report


of organisations plan to implement shared desk workplaces by 2020

*CBRE Survey


The amount of time workers want to spend in the office   *Gensler’s 2016 US Workplace Survey


The Modern Workspace

A collective blueprint of top tier vendors 


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